San Francisco Paint Trip Day 2

Day 2, I woke up at sunrise and head out onto the neighborhood area of Oakland. Only bums crack heads were awake rummaging through peoples  garbage for recyclables, this instantly put me on edge. Keep in mind I had a couple hundred dollars in my pocket, all of my art supplies which kept my hands completely full and a nice Canon Rebel dangling around my neck with no idea where I really was. I knew I was in oakland, and I knew I had to get to the BART metro system.

As I walked on and realized I was lost I asked a lady where the nearest BART was. She pointed me in two directions. I asked her which way was the shortest and she tells me I’m standing half ways to both. Then I asked her which way would be more interesting and she says “BABY! YOU IN OAKLAND! EVERYTHING’S INTERESTING!”  I would soon learn she was very right.

Once I had gotten to the BART and into San Francisco I decided to get to the Golden Golden Gate Bridge and paint that, I spent about 45 minutes lost in embarcaderro and trying to get change for the bus before I found the buses that would take me to the bridge. Doing these things with out a smart phone no map and alone carrying a ton of art supplies is no easy task.

Once I got to the bridge I was relieved, There was no wind, no clouds, no nothing It was a beautiful day! There where crowds and crowds of tourists and random people with a billion questions. I had soon become part of the tourist attraction some people trying to sneak photos of me painting as well as my painting and running off like I was gonna chase them down for doing so, this greatly entertained me. I decided to spend the rest of the day there and do a 2nd painting instead of venturing around the city trying to find a place to paint before the sun went down. The bus ride was and incredibly difficult one. The bus seemed to be completely packed beyond capacity and I had to pile everything on top of me and guard my bigger painting with my life, it was incredibly wet and i had gobbed paint on it with my pallet knife.

When the day  was over I headed back to Oakland and waited outside in a dark sketchy corner for my friend Crystal to pick me up. While I waited this old man hiding his arm and claiming to have gotten it blown off in the vietnam war and asking for money. I told him I’d give him some money if he let me take a photo of him and paint him and he gladly agreed, in fact, he was flattered.

Once  I got picked up I had to hide in the truck bed as I was transported to a new location, I truly had no Idea where I was going. When we got to the house I was burnt out but everyone at the house was wide awake and ready to party. Everyone there was musician and the house was full of art. One guy started playing the piano as another cooked some amazing food. The guy playing piano made Music for movies. I did a still life of a bong and before I knew it I was passed out. They wrapped me up and that was that of day 2.

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A day of Plein Air In Downtown Los Angeles

 For the first painting we snuck into a hotel and onto the for escape for the first painting. Walked down the street after and Painted the Los Angeles Theater randomly but didn’t finish because it got feezing and I didn’t bring a jacket or gloves. Two photographers stopped to takes photos, and one sent the 2 black and white photos of me painting the Los angeles theater. Those were by Alex Fedorov. The other one of me on the fire escape was by Alan Reyes.  I was gonna go do a night painting of amoeba in Hollywood but I hung out at the Hive Gallery instead and did a study of Daniella Batsheva while she painted on one of my paintings for a collaboration.  After we hung out with Matt Debbaudt and watch him do some painting before our speculations of ghosts ran us out of The Hive.  All in all it was a great Day.Image

Photo Plein Air

This painting was done from a photo I took some where in Niland, CA. I was on a camping trip with the Hive Gallery in East Jesus, right down the street from salvation mountain, I had done a plein air painting there earlier. We were on a quick tour to some magical mud pots and wandered around a burnt down brothel, behind it lay this old dilapidated building next to some very still water, it seemed like any moment some one would zoom across on ice skates.

I wanted to set up my easel so bad and paint it but had no chance for a long study.Everyone was dancing around  and exploring and soon we would be on our way back to base camp for dinner. I had to take a photo,pack my memory and experience of being there and paint it from a photo later. The problem with photos is that your only painting a painting of a photo, not the experience of actually being there in front of your pallet and easel , swords and all.  Having the hot sun toast you as you paint with the rush of racing the sun and beating the shadows is a whole nother story. I also love the style that seems to come out of painting on location, very lose and very un studio, bold brush strockes happy mistakes and stunning edges.  This painting is what i like to think a painting of a combination of my experience, memory, and a photo. I tried my best to achieve that plein air style. Photo Plein Air!

East Jesus

Last weekend was one of the greatest weekends of my life. I don’t know where to start, waking up in a tent by a train yard next to a big rig overpass in Long beach at the end of my weekend adventure or waking up to the rain in Fullerton and walking to the train station. Let’s do the train from Fullerton to Union Station in Los angeles where upon arrival the city was so soaked in rain and shrouded in clouds i walked in the wrong direction and hoped on the wrong bus with all my camping and painting supplies. I was late and in hurry to get to The Hive gallery and meet up with all the resident artist to head to east jesus. I felt ansi and my shoulder hurt from carrying all the wait. The previous Night was my friends Nick and Sabrina’s Bachelor/bachelorette Party and i was fueled by a monstrous hangover and 3 hours of sleep.

When i arrived at the hive everyone was pretty much ready except for a few stragglers but we would soon be on our way, pot brownies and booze all ready to go as if we were headed to East Jesus to battle it out with some monstrous party monster. Meeting all the residents from the hive was a great experience all in it’s own, I quickly learned everyone is super easy going, positive and ready to create. We were finally on our way. I hadn’t checked the weather for the Salton Sea i didn’t know what I was in for, the rain had Los Angeles in a blanket. When we hit Palm Springs a we popped out of the cold dark rain clouds and into the wind where a sand storm blew like the desert was hyper ventilating for some reason, then, the rainbow. A giant rainbow appeared  and it’s colorful arch screamed of positivity and from that moment on i felt like a little kid walking into the greatest candy store amusement park he’d ever imagined.

When we arrived to East Jesus we passed signs saying almost there and Welcome to slab city, “pack it on in, pack it on out” and then finally East Jesus. I didn’t know what to expect, I’m not a very religious person and for a second i thought I might have to be on good behavior and do some minor praying but that was not the case. Definitely was not the case. It was like a self sustained art community that was like anarchy on the honor system. Craziness in every direction and art covered in art. Giant installations, a duck pond filled with ducks swimming in dirt?? Stories on top of stories behind everything, my brain was instantly over stimulated. Cars get lit on fire, T.V’s telling the truth! It was a dream come true, not only mine but many, and the whole place lights up at night!

After we got the tour from Frank I could wait to paint, I rushed to set my tent up and get me easel set up in front of a house half sunken into the ground and beautifully painted titled ” Fame Retardant” I found a rusted silver platter on the ground there, painted the house on it, the had it nailed on the house and i’m super stoked to be a small part of the installation and hope Ben Wolf and Heidi Tullman don’t mind it being there creation.

I missed the sunset But certainly not bands. The first  band was just two members from Flip Cassidy and The Junkyard Gospel. Flip Cassidy’s vocals are so strong and full of life, his song “Barry me in whiskey” is still stuck in my head. They completely killed it. It felt as though we were at our own private music festival. As for next events i’m not quite sure in which order they fall in, my memory is pretty foggy. I’m not sure if I pulled a Whole tree in the fire before of after The next band “Orphans in The After Life” which blew me out of this world, it seemed as though every member knew and played every instrument you can imagine and used  it load the universe into a gun and shoot it into your brain. We were all way to impressed, and over stimulated.

There was a lot of running around after, mingling about art, eating delicious eggplant parmesan, walking through fire,             and exploring, tons of which i can’t remember. What i can remember at brief moments is ripping out trees whole with Alex Scheafer  and trying to build the biggest fire we could. Another moment Were bouncing around in the back of a truck headed to some hot springs where everyone immediately peels every article of clothing and jumps in. The water was Perfect and we were all as inebriated and as free as could be! The next thing i remember is waking up to a dwindeling fire in the bone chilling dessert air. I stumbled into my tent and tried to sleep for a bit but only having one blanket i quickly said fuck it and started pulling everything i could into the fire.

After a few moments Daniella Batsheva came stumbling out and helped with the fire. Shortly fallowed By Alex Schaefer.   We had a plan and we quickly set like  paint troopers out through the back yard of Slab City resident where we found many interesting things like the shoe tree and some primitive rock maze. We where on our way to plein air paint Salvation Mountain.  We encountered so many interesting characters including one of which i found the most interesting. His name was roy, he pulled up in a big painted school bus blocking the mountain, hoping out and walking straight toward me. He walked like he had some authority over the place and proceeded to ask me if i could paint a huge mural of the mountain on the bus.

Roy was a changed man, he was a previous felon and drug addict but when he left prison he was a changed man. He bought this bus and has been traveling around the united states picking up hitch hikers and helping people out. The bus is covered in signatures like a high school year book saying thanks and full of positive messages. Anyways I could not accept his request to paint the bus so sent him East jesus bound and let him know we were all there from the hive gallery and  ask around for some one who might be interested.

After I finished my painting, which i had done on a cubbard door,  I packed up and headed back to camp. Alex finished about an hour earlier and now i’m hiking back alone. I feel sick, dehydrated, jittery, and hungry, the weight of all my stuff was dragging me down and East Jesus seemed to only get further. When I finally get Back I greet everyone and get some water and some fruits fallowed by rum. I am now feeling better and we are all top of the morning, some of who have yet come down from last night trip. I realize i’m covered in cuts and bruises and the bottom of my big toe is cut open. sigh.

There is no time to wine and we are all off! A caravan back to salvation mountain were everyone climbs around like happy little monkey’s and Madliene Haim. Roy shares his story with every one  and we all make our way to these huge water tanks covered in Paintings of all sorts of creatures and animals having sex in positions porn directors can’t even imagine. The place seems like a post apocalyptic playground where vagabonds and gypsies rome around. Chris Rexroad and Clark Walter trade them some weird veggies for some shiny rocks and geodes and now it’s back to the caravan.

Our next stop are some mud pots where i’m not sure what happens in the ground but hot mud spews out of the ground like mud pimples popping them selves. We walk up in dead silence, I didn’t know why we had to be quiet but quickly understood, what fallowed was bloop, blop, blurg, blop, blooooop, blurg, blop, bloop. These sounds were mesmerizing i wanted to sit there and have a slow drum circle with the sounds but for us, there was no time to waste. In minutes we were all painting each others faces, war paint for us art warriors! I couldn’t help but grabs mounds of wet mud and draw a huge Bee and write The Hive leaving our stamp that we were there. This place is a magical place everyone absolutely must visit if they/you ever journey through here. Niland, Ca.

On our last stop before heading back to East Jesus we stopped at an old Burnt down brothel, dilapidated house and old water tower. It’s a place just begging and screaming photo shoot. Chris Benton throws on a Rabbit mask, Seraphime puts on a horse mask and Flip Cassidy  jumps through a window wearing a gas mask. The ground outside of the brothel is encrusted and made of salt, Nathan Cartwright tasted and made sure of it, war paint an all, a true fun soldier of the dessert.

We get back to East Jesus pack it all up and say our goodbye’s, only two days and one night there and we were all beat, but East Jesus did not want us to leave just yet, the sand entrapped Bonnie Dias’s truck first, and then Nathan’s van next. The van we had to dig out, and then after an hour we were on our way. leaving a place i completely fell in love with, i kept asking my self, why am i leaving? After some delicious pizza, beers and long ride back to the hive, i still had a long ways before i’d get home. I owe a great thanks to Madliene for dropping me off at grand central station so i could make it to The last train to long beach.

I was headed to the Queen Mary to meet up with my girlfiend Erin, and some friends. My friend Nick and Sabrina had gotten married earlier that day. unfortunately by the time i arrived to Long Beach, and walked from the last stop to the Queen Mary, it was late, i had no phone(i lost it on the same train in Compton last week) and everyone was passed out drunk. The man at the desk would let me go knock on anyones door and i had to venture back out into long beach.

I walked and i walked and i walked. The weight of all my stuff was the only thing keeping me warm. I was looking for a place to set up my tent and get some sleep. I was utterly exhausted. I met two thirsty raccoons and they pointed me out a nice place next to a train yard and the big rig over pass, there i slept. all this seemed to be a preparation for when i leave on my walk to portland. Practice  always makes perfect.

Thanks again for reading



San Pedro

Yesterday I walked out 2.5 miles on a break wall that required about a mile of climbing through rocks piled up to prevent people from getting to the light house at the end of it, I did it carrying all my paint supplies and easel. It was a pretty difficult feat. The goal was to paint the light house but when I got there it was covered up and being worked on. By the time i made it out and half way back to shore i decided to paint all the loading cranes on the shore line from the break wall but the sun was already setting and the tide was quickly rising and top it of my hands were completely numb and cold. This painting took me about 10 to 15 minutes including set up time and its very suggestive of this adventure and sunset. I feel like this painting isn’t very strong without this story and is why i chose writing about it. Just because a painting looks like i put very little effort in it, doesn’t mean I didn’t. The story and this painting go had in hand.

The Photo Shoots

  I love adventure, taking photos, painting and the human figure. Having all these interests gives us artists the great opportunity to take models on little photo shoots, do live painting studies, and have little adventures, sometimes not so little. I have a great fascination in The story behind a painting, where the idea came from, the subject and writing about them and where they came from. Having a lil story to go along with a painting seems to me very very important, it’s not just a random painting, serious thought goes behind a lot, if not most of my work. This is my first photo shoot study i did. It’s titled “Erin”, do to a slight gloom and chill and having only moments before she had to leave to work we did not venture far that day. We didn’t even leave her bedroom. This was actually great thing because I wanted to capture an old vintage feeling so this gave me the opportunity to leave out the back round, skip the live study, and paint the photo like i was painting from life and ran out of time. There is a great notion in being able to paint from a photo and make it look like it was painted from life, as Richard Schmidt said “cameras are only recording devices and we are experiencing devises”. This piece is my first and one of my favorites. I’m very excited to do more photo adventure studies so if your interested in modeling for me please email me your contact information to Thanks for reading.

The Queen Mary

My adventure today consisted of driving my car on an empty gas tank to Long Beach Ca in order to paint this beautiful ship. This weekend two good friends of mine will be getting married on it, Sabrina Ricks and Nick Grossman unfortunately I wont be able to attend but i congratulate them and wish them the best lives together. They really are perfect for each other.  Today was a perfect over cast day for plien air painting, the air was fresh and there were spots of blue with a touch of sun shining through the over cast. I drove around the Pike for a while till I found parking, I ended up having to carry all my stuff a good mile till I found the perfect lil spot on this mini pier. There was so many people, and I ended up having to entertain a huge family on what seemed to be some sort of family reunion. I wish i would have focused a bit more on my painting rather than talking because I ended up with a nice little parking ticket for an expired parking meter. All in all i’m content with todays study and will not be brought down by the law. This Painting will be on display at the hive gallery. Till next time 

The Hive

   As of yesterday  I am a new resident at the Hive Gallery in down town Los Angeles.  Their address is 729 south spring street Los Angeles Ca 90014.  There i will be sending all of my paintings I make while on my walk to Portland for display, well the ones i don’t sell or trade for food or other necessities. I would like to give special thanks to Nathan Cartwright for giving me the opportunity of being part of the Hives tribe and Alex Schaeffer  for introducing me to Nathen, and having me on his radio show and bringing me along on his paint adventures. Also another special thanks to Daniel Raminfard and Cody Erickson for pushing me in the right direction to finding what makes me truly happy and teaching me how to oil paint. The biggest thanks go to my Mom and Dad for supporting my every move. This is something I’ve always dreamed about doing and because of all these people it’s gonna be made possible for me to accomplish such a wild thing. I’m truly excited.

Gimme Danger

Gimme danger world. Come spring i will be setting off on foot leaving Orange County Portland bound.  My whole trip will be for he soul purpose of painting, writing, and adventure. my only source of income will be by trying to sell my paintings and playing my guitar for some spare change. Through this blog i will make updates on my adventure, post photos and my paintings from this trip.  I will post my departure date and cities i will be heading towards  soon so be sure to check my story out any help along the way will be greatly appreciated.